ClearPod: Enhanced Septic System Performance


Technology designed and developed and manufactured in Canada
Rigorous technology validation by Barnstable Test Facility (MA, USA)
Enviro Choice (Mr. George Devlin) selected as British Columbia distributor

ClearPod is designed as a low-complexity, drop-in solution for enhanced septic system performance. Typical customers include residential clients looking to extend the life of older septic systems or domestic / industrial clients looking for a low complexity upgrade to cope with increased capacity. Rigorous and extended 3rd party validation was carried out at the Barnstable Test Facility over an eight month period. This work compared test and control septic systems and clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of ClearPod in improving system effluent quality and improving leachfield performance.

Key Results for upgraded ClearPod septic
Effluent < 30 mg/L BOD and TSS < 85% removal BOD and TSS
< 85% improved leachfield performance

ClearPod has recently been approved by Nova Scotia Environment.

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